Survey Results

Here are the surveys I post on Sundays. I don’t set deadlines for voting, so these are still open and I’m always interested to see what you think. Go ahead, you know you want to vote.

June 6, 2010
My vote: drown them in milk

May 30, 2010
My vote: Sadly, more than 5. Why must it be so warm?

May 23, 2010
My vote: It’s the only way to make the voices stop

May 16, 2010
My vote: Google

May 9, 2010
My vote: Orange

May 2, 2010
My vote: The cover catches my eye/Heard about it from a friend

April 25, 2010
My vote: Facebook

April 18, 2010
My vote: The chicken

April 11, 2010
My vote: 11-20 (Unless textbooks count)

April 4, 2010
My Vote: Almond Joy

March 28, 2010
My vote: All of them

March 21, 2010
My vote: A good plot drives me to read on

March 14, 2010
My vote: Fantasy

March 7, 2010
My vote: And/But/Any unnecessary conjunction

February 28, 2010
My vote: I’m a waffle


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