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New Short Story

I wrote a new short story yesterday called Spring Cleaning and it’s now in the Completed Works section. It’s hardly amazing, but it’s the first thing I’ve written in a really long time. My post yesterday about cleaning brought it on.

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I’m not telling.

I’m not really sure what to write about today. I feel like I should say something about writing, but I don’t want to jinx what I’m working on. Actually, I saw this video about a study done on telling people your goals which was really interesting. It’s embedded below, but to sum up. It basically said that, if you tell people your goal and they give you acknowledgement, your brain feels like it’s already been accomplished. Thus, you’re less likely to complete it.

So, this is me, not telling my goals.

In other news, I got my internship at Silkworm today. Yay! I’ll be in their marketing department which I’m very excited about.

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My Lame Poem

But at least I wrote something that wasn’t a school report. Although, those school reports looked pretty awesome by the time I was finished with them. Does homework count as writing time?

First Day of Spring

Everyone still dressed for winter
While it’s so nice outside.

Everyone still dressed for winter
While the sun shines bright.

Everyone still dressed for winter
While the wind is warm

Everyone still dressed for winter,
Not anymore.

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Alright, I caved!

I spent the past week studying and haven’t written a word since last Wednesday. But the chapters just kept piling on. (Actually, I have two more I should be reading right now.) This workload is either going to make this the longest semester ever, or it’s going to fly by because I’ll be too busy to think about it. I’m hoping for the latter.

However, just because I haven’t written anything, doesn’t mean I haven’t been plotting. But of course, I’ve been thinking about the wrong story. It’s always the characters from the stories I’m not writing that want to talk to me. (Or the character whose story has no plot, he likes yapping in my ear. Yes, I love you, but you don’t have a story! Come back when you have one, please.)

Anybody else have that problem? What do you do?


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Decisions to Make, Priorities to Set

Yeah, I did that today too.

Sometimes, being an adult sucks.

School started back up yesterday. I was anxious at the beginning of the day, but that morphed into a dull terror by the end. I should be okay once I get past all the prep work and have a feel for what I’m doing, but I definitely have to stick to my schedule.

Today, I had to make the decision of either homework or writing. Be a good student or maintain my sanity. It was a difficult choice, but I had to go with sanity. If I’m going to have my nose to the grindstone for the next fifteen weeks, I need to do something for myself.

I spent my writing time, happily daydreaming and creating a timeline for my story. Yay!

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It’s all about the little things

So, I’ve been spending my writing time the last few days creating character profiles for my two main characters, Purple and her best friend Mason.

Once again, I don’t remember who I stole this from (so, if you know, speak up and I’ll give them credit). But when I first started writing I found a character profile that was pretty thorough and is easily adapted.

Profile for:
Astrological Sign:
Chinese Zodiac Sign:

Basic Description:
Physical Condition:
Marks, Scars, Tattoos:





Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food:
Most Prized Possession:
Vernacular (Way of Speaking):
Psychological Condition:
Character Behavior:
Social and Other Pressures, Problems:
Relationships (With Who and What Kind):
Belief, Superstition, Moral Value:
Positive Characteristics:
Negative Characteristics:


Some of it seems silly and redundant. But when I’m mid-really-awesome-scene-can’t-even-stop-to-eat, it’s an easy reference when I forget my MC’s eye color. It’s also nice because you get be as vague or in-depth as you want.

You could write an entire paragraph about your character’s favorite food and how it became their favorite when their mom lovingly made it for them every birthday, or you could just write tacos.

What I learned when I was creating profiles for my new MCs was that it’s all about the little things. If you want your characters to seem like people, they need to have a weird quirk or two. Some irrational fear or guilty pleasure. One of my characters is afraid of microwaves while the other hates the texture of cottage cheese. Stupid, but they feel more like people now, because people are just plain weird once you get to know them.

PS – I’m afraid of venetian blinds. Just in case you were wondering.


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A set writing time

As per my New Years’ Resolutions, my set writing time started Monday. Of course, I spent that time on a train speeding me back home from my parents. So perhaps I was a little distracted. But I did it.

I pretty much invoked my standard two rules. I can’t remember who I stole them from, but they are:

1) I don’t have to write.
2) I can’t do anything else.

So, with that in place, there’s nothing left to do but think about my story. Right now, I’m working on The Girl in the Purple Coat. I haven’t worked on it much in the past month, desiring to read more than write, and I’m basically at the very beginning of the concepts stage. (I really didn’t have much more than what I wrote in that back cover synopsis I posted awhile back.) I spent Monday asking myself these basic questions.

Who are the main characters?
Who are the secondary characters?
What is the MC’s overall goal?
What are the MC’s motives?
What are the big plot points?
What are possible side plots?

And so it begins…

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