My First Marketing Lesson

31 Jan

Always be prepared!

So, I’ve mentioned that for my promotions class we have a group project with a real client. Today, we met our client. According to our teacher, it was supposed to be a brief, 5 minute meeting to explain the project and make certain they were willing to work with us.

That’s what I expected when I arrived. I did not expect a conference room with five people wanting to know “What we were going to do for them.” Intimidating? Oh yeah!

To make it worse, I didn’t know anything about the place we chose to work with. It was the suggestion of another member of the group (who, by the way, wasn’t at this meeting because she had practice). Why didn’t I do some research on them before I went? Because I’m an amateur. Seriously, Candice, how hard would it have been to check out their website? Duh?

I honestly don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to do that in advance. But it will certainly occur to me next time. I felt stupid and incompetent walking out of there and I don’t want to feel that way again.

So, that’s the lesson. Always be prepared because what your client expects and what you expect may be very different things.


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2 responses to “My First Marketing Lesson

  1. Tonya

    2011/06/30 at 12:39

    Since your currently half a world away, I decided to stalk your blog because it’s clearly been AGES since I’ve been on here!

    This is the funniest thing EVER! The one thing they never teach in college is assignments do not come to you in one page explinations and due dates do not exsist because when they ask for it, they wanted it yesterday! Accomplishing the impossible is the only way you get noticed in business. Luckily, they probably had zero expectations when you came into that meeting, but you crushed the tiny bit of hope they had. haha.

    So glad you posted, the game of business will continue to change, but I have a feeling, following this rule indefinately will never steer you wrong.

    • Candice Beever

      2011/07/12 at 19:47

      Yeah, it’s clearly been awhile since you were on here, considering I posted this back in January. Haha!

      It was a good lesson and one I’m glad I learned early on. Hopefully, I’ll remember it as I go to work at Silkworm.


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