Goal Setting

20 Dec

So, for one of my newly finished classes, we had a chapter on goal setting. Initially, I kind of laughed at the chapter and it’s accompanying assignment until I was talking with my husband and he mentioned not really knowing how to set goals. That kind of threw me for a loop.

How do you get anywhere in life without knowing how to set and achieve goals? So, I thought maybe some others out there might have a similar problem.

There are a lot of different methods–and even more books to explain them. This one came from my class textbook Professionalism: Real Skills for Workplace Success 2nd Edition, but I know I’ve read it somewhere else before (I think in the book, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived by Steven K Scott).

Basically, all you do is write down what you want to accomplish in your life. Our exercise focused specifically on three area of our lives. So, we had to write down three personal, career, and education goals each.

Next we had to sort them in order of importance.

And lastly, we had to create a “ladder” to get to each goal. This is where you break the goal into manageable pieces. You work out all the steps you’ll need to take to get there and then you give yourself a timeline to do those things. However, these steps, while being goals, are still flexible. If something happens and you fall behind on your timeline, that doesn’t mean you give up. It means you adjust.

How do you reach your goals? Do you have a different method?


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2 responses to “Goal Setting

  1. K.D. Storm aka Kim Jackson

    2010/12/22 at 11:14

    I am testing out a method I read about on a blog called “The Change Blog” . It is suppose to help to have a new outlook on goals and on life in general. I have started applying some of the writer’s methods to my own life and it’s awesome. I think you would love it.

    • Candice Beever

      2010/12/22 at 12:30

      Thanks for recommending that blog. I just checked it out and it seems really cool. I only read a couple of posts, but they seemed really helpful and well thought out. I already added it to my google reader. Thanks again!


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