Day 26: In which I cry.

26 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

I finally killed off one of my characters and I cried while doing it too. But it was sad. He was the nice brother and he was only seventeen. Strangely enough, I never once thought about letting him live. The story just called for it. One of them needed to die. And I’d been setting it up for the last eight chapters when he started to get sick.

So, after that, I think I’m done tormenting my poor characters for the night. And then tomorrow, I have the funeral to look forward to.

I have a strange mix of satisfaction with my sadness. I did write two chapters tonight. So that’s nice. I just need to write two tomorrow and I’ll be caught back up…again. Is it just me or does Nano seem like a dog chasing it’s tail? You run and run and run, then when you catch it, what do you do? Let it go of course. You have to chase it again.

Days: 26/30 = 86.67%
Word Count: 54,809/50,000 = 109.62%%
Chapters: 25/30 = 83.33%

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