Day 24: I’m so evil!

25 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

I love what I wrote today. I had two characters with girlfriends at the start of the day and they’re both single now. The MC is pretty melancholy about his break-up but his brother was absolutely crushed. I think the girl destroyed him a bit.

Aside from plot excitement, I made some progress toward getting caught up tonight. I wrote just over 2 1/2 chapters. Yay! And I’ve discovered that I like my events better when they flow together smoothly. I know that sort of seems like a ‘Duh, Candice,’ moment. But when I have an outline, it’s very easy to just look at the events I’m supposed to write that day and simply write them without thinking about how they flow out of and into other chapters.

So, I’ve learned something new there. Although, this story takes place over about 2 1/2 years, which is a much longer timeline than any of the other stories I’ve written. I think that makes a difference, as the events aren’t dictating the pace the timeline is. But, as I write out this bare, skeletal story, I’m realizing all the things I can add to really flesh it out and that will probably help with the flow. But that’s a project for December…or March.

Days: 24/30 = 80%
Word Count: 47,771/50,000 = 95.54%
Chapters: 21.5/30 = 71.67%

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