23 Nov

Call this an aside.

As I mentioned yesterday, I gave customer service meetings today. I had three meetings and in each one we played a game that went something like this:

The hospital we work for has 6 core values. Last month, we talked about how we don’t know what these values are without looking at the list (conveniently printed on the back of our name badges). This month, we’re learning what the values mean.

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Stewardship
  • Quality

I made up some index cards with a couple of different definitions for each one and some more with synonyms for each. They had to match the definitions and synonyms with the correct values. We learned two things.

The first is that everybody thinks they know what these words mean, but honestly, we don’t. How can we show these values in our work if we don’t know what they mean? What do they mean to us?

The second requires slightly more explaining. We have a really small department that operates 24/7. So I always have to have 3 meetings with 3 people each if I’m lucky. For today’s, I had a meeting with 1 person, another with 2, and another with 3 because a few people couldn’t make it.

Now, matching the values with their definitions was a group activity. They were allowed to talk and reason them out together. That led to our second discovery. The group with more members performed remarkably better. They matched about 75% of the definitions while the solo person matched around 25% (the pair about 50%).

Hooray for collaboration!

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