Day 20, 21, & 22: Write-In

22 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

I know, I’m late. What else is new? Let’s see…

On the 20th: Saturday was a good writing day as far as covering plot. I got just over two chapters at our Surrounded by Books write-in. There wasn’t as big a turn out as I was hoping for, but I think we’re getting down to that crunch time for people. The library, however, was super awesome too us. They even provided snacks in addition to writing space. So that was really cool of them.

However, I hated pretty much everything I wrote that day. There’s something about writing at events (particularly ones I’m running) that don’t let me fall into my story as much.

On the 21st: Dave and I drove up to Vincennes for a Night of Writing Dangerously. An old friend of ours opened a bookstore there and we’ve been meaning to go see it for awhile. So that was a perfect excuse. We had a great time and got a ton of writing done.

I like most of what I wrote, once I got into it. (Somewhere around ten when the sugar started kicking in.) We finally left the store around midnight to crash at the hotel before coming home this morning. I’m honestly not sure how much I wrote there since I kind of jumped around to different scenes and worked on fleshing out some of the really short chapters.

Side note: one of the really fun things they did at the NoWD was to have a typewriter set up with a community story going. So, anybody could sit down and add a few lines. It was pretty neat.

And today: I haven’t written more than a few words. I realized today that I’m supposed to be giving our department’s monthly customer service meetings at work tomorrow (which I’d completely forgotten about and hadn’t prepared anything for). So, I’ve spent most of the night looking stuff up for that.

So, that’s where I’m at. I guess I’ll be writing between meetings tomorrow.

Days: 22/30 = 73.33%
Word Count: 42,634/50,000 = 85.27%
Chapters: 19/30 = 63.33%

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