Day 18: Bad, Candice!

18 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

So, I started writing today with the best of intentions. Then my Scrivener automatically opened to where I’d left off…and I thought of something to add to the end of Chapter 16. So I didn’t write any new chapters today, just added to my last one. I don’t feel too guilty about that. However, I do have a touch about taking a ‘break’ to watch Star Trek (Zachary Quinto makes a hot Spock.)

Anyway, I managed to write a whole 746 words. But I’m going to two write-ins this weekend and will hopefully make up for my slackage. If not, well, next week is Thanksgiving break and I don’t have any homework.

Also, I almost gave into Shiny New Idea Syndrome today. I even went so far as to create a document and tap out the first sentences before I stopped myself. But no. I maintained self-control (as soon as I came to my senses that is). I promptly closed the document and went back to work, not that I got much done. But I wasn’t cheating on my Nano at least. (Okay maybe I kiss or two, but nothing serious.)

I will not cheat…I will not cheat…I will not cheat…

Days: 18/30 = 60%
Word Count: 35,586/50,000 = 71.17% (Wow, I am rockin’ the WC!)
Chapters: 16/30 = 53.33%

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One response to “Day 18: Bad, Candice!

  1. K.D. Storm aka Kim Jackson

    2010/11/19 at 19:29

    You are doing so much better than me my friend. I have fallen so behind that I am afraid that it will take me another whole month to find myself 🙂 Great job! I am proud of you 🙂


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