Day 17: My poor characters

18 Nov

Maybe my day wasn't so bad afterall

Nano Thoughts:

OMGoodness, my poor characters. Two chapters of hope and love followed by two chapters of pain and misery. The things I do to them.

Anyway, I wrote my two chapters, I’m so proud of myself. You know, I’m actually starting to think I can really finish this thing before the month ends. I can imagine it already. Those two most beautiful of words. The and end put together make an awesome sentence.

In other news, I had a write-in today. No one came. That was a little crushing. But it had to happen sooner or later, I guess. I think what makes me wonder is why this one? Last week, we had a write-in at 8am and even that had one attendee. You’d think there would be someone at 1 in the afternoon. Oh well, lonely kind of fit the mood for the chapter I was working on.

Honestly, my whole day was a lot of small things that added up to kind of sucky. I overslept and missed my first class, I went to turn in something and realized I’d forgotten a section of it (luckily it’s not actually due until Friday), then no one showed up to the write-in, then work was super busy. Really? All at once?

Days: 17/30 = 56.67%
Word Count: 34,840/50,000 = 69.68%
Chapters: 16/30 = 53.33% (Almost there!)

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