Day 11, 12, & 13: Yep, it’s been like that.

14 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

I didn’t write a single word on the 11th and 12th. I was off work those days and just didn’t want to write. I’m not worried yet. There’s still plenty of time to catch up. The month’s not even half over yet.

The 11th, I decided to spend with Dave. I’d written my chapter the night before and felt like taking the day off. We didn’t do much. Just played Lego Harry Potter and hung out. But it was a good choice, in my opinion.

The 12th, we intended to write. It was one of those, after dinner we’ll buckle down and get some words on paper. But then we decided to play a level of Lego HP while we were cooking (delicious spaghetti that Dave’s is so good at making), which of course turned into about six levels. Then we walked to Dairy Queen to get ice cream. It was a good night. Maybe not a productive one, but good.

Last night, I did write. I just didn’t post. I had to work last night and spent most of the time doing homework. But I managed to squeeze in 1,247 words, which is probably over half of chapter 12. I’d intended to write a post after I got off work last night, but…there was a party and it spiraled from there.

So, I’m off to start my writing for the 14th and hope to spend most of the night doing so. The goal: finish chapters 12 & 13. I’ll update you on how that goes later.

Days: 14/30 = 46.67%
Word Count: 24,857/50,000 = 49.71%
Chapters: 11.5/30 = 38.33%

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