Day 8: Rockin’ my novel!

08 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

I’m in a great mood today. I’m caught up in terms of chapters, well ahead in terms of word count, and falling head over heels in love with my characters.

I was starting to worry, because until today, I only liked my characters. Seven days, 16,646 words in and only like. That just didn’t seem promising. But today redeemed those prior feelings of like and I’m in love. I honestly think I might write a little more tonight, but I figured I should post this first.

This morning, I went to my Nano Study Group (which was at the ungodly hour of 8am). All the hardcore people get up early to write; there were a whole two of us there. But I managed to get all of Chapter 7 written in those wee hours of the morning and at the moment, I think it’s my best chapter yet. It’s both heartbreaking and adorable to see the MC bond with his big brother (whom he’s been fighting with for the better part of six chapters) and just when they think all their dreams have been crushed, they vow to press on. They will prevail. They can accomplish everything they’ve ever wanted and more. Yay!

Then in Chapter 8, dad shows back up. OMGoodness! Let’s pour salt on that wound by making his new girlfriend, barely older than his eldest son. Gag! Needless to say, that led to a pretty awesome shouting match between dear old dad and my MC.

I love being an evil author!

Days: 8/50 =16%
Word Count: 20,293/50,000 =40.59%
Chapters: 8/30 = 16%

Which makes my new per chapter average 2,536.6 words.

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