Day 6: Good writing, feeling blecky

06 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

I got some good writing done in the car today. But not enough to catch me up. In fact, I’m now a little further behind. I didn’t even finish a whole chapter today. And now I feel blecky, so I’m going to bed.

On the bright side, I wrote a section in Chapter 5 that I think will fit perfectly between 2 and 3. It has just the level of hope I was looking for and will break out of Chapter 5 nicely.

My Chapter 5 word count is currently 1,991 and I’m not even close to finished with it yet. The MC just got a date and the date is supposed to take place in this chapter too. Yikes!

Days: 6/30 = 20%
Word Count: 12,198/50,000 =24.40%
Chapters: 4.5/30 = 15%

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