Day 5: Travelling to Write

06 Nov

The elephant has nothing to do with anything. Just so you know.

Nano Thoughts:

I went up to Collinsville for their Write-In tonight. This is about two hours one-way. (No, I’m not generally so Nano gung-ho as to drive two hours just to write.) But I decided to go because tonight was pretty much the only chance I’d have all month to get up there and I wanted to meet our region’s ML, for whom I’m coordinating in my area.

Probably the only downside of our region is that it’s so huge. All of southern Illinois. Pull out your map and find interstate 70. Everything south of that is us. And Carbondale is pretty close to the bottom tip of the state.

But I digress. I had a really great time at the Write-In. Everybody was super nice and I got 2,382 words written. I finished Chapter 4, thought of something to put between 2 and 3, and generally tormented my poor characters (Two of them were even mugged in Chapter 4. I’m so evil). Nano is good at the moment, although I am a chapter behind where I should be.

I’m not sure how much writing I’ll get tomorrow either. I’ll have another long car ride, and Dave has promised to drive on the way home, so I can write. But I’m learning that just two hours a day isn’t going to cut it if I want to finish the story.

Seriously, these are my chapter counts.

Chapter 1 = 1,836
Chapter 2 = 3,191
Chapter 3 = 2,288
Chapter 4 = 2,889

That makes my average chapter 2,552 words. Who knows how long the rest of them will be!

Days: 5/30 = 16.67%
Word Count: 10,208/50,000 =20.42%
Chapters: 4/30 = 13.33%

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