Day 4: Feeling much better, thank you for asking.

04 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

Oh, the ups and downs of Nanowrimo. Gotta love them.

I am indeed feeling better today. I spent most of last night doing homework and wrote very little. So, I’m almost completely caught up on my homework. I still have about half a chapter to read and some self-assessments to do for another class. Yay! Just easy stuff left.

Back to writing, we had another Write-In today (8 attendees, 2 people walked up to ask what we were doing and they seemed interested. Woot!)

I also got some awesome words in. I’m liking my Chapter 3 much better now that it’s finished. I still think there needs to be something more in between 2 and 3, but I can work on that later. I wrote an awesome family fight tonight. Lots of shouting and crying, the POV brother gets slapped, the mother storms out. I was pretty proud of myself.

Days: 4/30 =13.33%
Word Count: 7,826/50,000 = 15.65%
Chapters: 3.5/30 = 11.67%

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