Day 2: Still going strong

02 Nov

Nano Thoughts:

So, I started writing today and realized that something about the story felt off. It was written more like a series of events rather than with any sort of emotional attachment. And that’s pretty sad when I can’t love the characters. I created them for crying out loud. But I did a little thinking and figured out part of the problem was that this story needs to be written in first person.

The first chapter and a half had been written in third and I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I committed a Nano faux pas today and essentially rewrote the first two chapters in first person but I’m so happy that I did. 1) I managed to flesh out those first two chapters adding over 1,000 to words to them. 2) I have a much better feel for the characters. And 3) I just like it better.

I know, I’m usually the person who doesn’t like first-person. But sometimes, the story just needs it. And this one did. I think when I started paying attention I realized how often I was saying ‘they.’ The story is about four brothers, really close brothers. And I think ‘we’ conveys the relationship better. Small thing, but much needed.

Days: 2/30 = 6.67%
Word Count: 5,000/50,000 = 10%
Chapters: 2/30 = 6.67%

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