Day 1: The Kick-off

01 Nov

Okay, so the notebook isn't actually mine. But the hands in the corner typing away are.

I was unable to find a Nano report card for my mac this year. I could have made one, but I’ve decided to use my blog instead. (Because I know you guys are interested in my every waking thought. Just kidding.) But at least this will go a little more in-depth, should I look back on these posts next year.

Nano Thoughts:

Today’s writing went pretty awesome. I wrote 1,184 between midnight and 1am, because I was one of the dorks that stayed up to start writing. I wrote the entire first chapter, which turned out to be shorter than I thought and about half of the second chapter which will probably be as long as I was expecting. So, I’m currently standing at 3,813.

Since I divided the story into 30 chapters, I’m trying to make each one at least 1,667. If they go over, awesome. But that way, I don’t have to worry about my word count too much.

Also, the Kick-off was great! We had 11 people, writing a total of 8,676 words in two hours, averaging 789 per person. The only glitch was that we thought the coffee shop had Wi-Fi. Apparently they don’t, but it wasn’t too big of a deal and it probably kept us a little more on track that way.

Days: 1/30 = 3.33%
Word Count: 3,813/50,000 = 7.6%
Chapters: 1.5ish/30 = 5%

I’m putting more weight on the Chapter percentage than the others. So, hazah, I’m ahead of where I should be for the moment.


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2 responses to “Day 1: The Kick-off

  1. Kendra

    2010/11/02 at 14:03

    When did you get a Mac? I missed this somehow….

  2. Candice Beever

    2010/11/02 at 16:30

    I’ve had it for almost a year now. I love it.


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