The Rush

22 Oct

I took a big step today.

Even though I was nervous.

Even though I didn’t want to.

I did.

I talked with the local library about hosting a Write-In for Nanowrimo. The director was super nice and very supportive. She even offered to waive the fee and provide snacks. Yay! Walking out of there with an event on the calendar was an amazing feeling. A rush, if you will.

Why is something so small such a big deal?

Because I’m shy! At least I used to be, painfully so. Anybody who knew me in my (I can’t believe I can say this now) early 20s, knows exactly how bad I was. If you weren’t my friend, you’d be lucky to get a hello or a wave. Needless to say, I didn’t make many new friends in that period.

I blame Dave for pulling me out of my shell. (I love you, honey!) He is so outgoing and fearless about public speaking. He can make a friend anywhere, often pulling me along with him. Exposure to that has clearly been good for me, especially since I’m now planning to go into marketing/publicity.

Imagine that! A former shy person going into publicity!


Posted by on 2010/10/22 in Life, Marketing


2 responses to “The Rush

  1. K.D. Storm aka Kim Jackson

    2010/10/22 at 18:53

    Good for you. I haven’t worked up my nerve yet to try that. I am thinking of testing the waters next year. 🙂

  2. hailey411

    2010/10/28 at 14:17

    Hmmm…sounds like a Big Sis therapy session is needed. You may be shy, however, i have seen you on stage more than once (even in your early 20’s). It’s possible you think that’s easier because you have lines and you get to be someone else? Well……while going to talk to these people you can plan out exactly what you want to say and you can be that confident, witty character you wish you were. Fake it until you make it girl!


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