Top Reasons I Deleted Blogs

11 Oct

It was grueling, but I finally finished sorting my blog list. It’s practically bare now compared to its previous state. I went from 95+ blogs down to 35, and I’m still looking very critically at the ones left. My sorting is posted at the right, if you’re really interested.

Top Reasons I Deleted Blogs:

1) Don’t exist anymore/haven’t posted in many months
2) Posting nothing but stories about their children or their dog or what they had for dinner last night

If I don’t consider you a friend, I don’t care. See friends list at right.

3) Posting information I already know

I had several writing blogs that always gave writing tips I already knew. They were great blogs when I started following as a brand new writer, but now I’ve grown beyond them.

I was also following several marketing blogs and you wouldn’t believe how many posts I saw about the usefulness of facebook/twitter/blogging/insert social media in marketing. I’m generation Y, I think I understand social media. If you’re not introducing me to something new, I’m beyond you.

4) Posting information I disagree with

Other blogs had posts portraying social media as the devil. And they’re in marketing! Sorry, but good-bye.

5) Posting nothing but pictures with no explanation

That’s a very nice ad campaign photo. Why is it on your blog? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Why? What’s its effectiveness with consumers? Can I get some actual information about it please?

6) Posting FOUR to SEVEN times a day

Yes, I really saw a blog with SEVEN posts in one day. I don’t have time for that. Once a day is plenty.

7) Posts were longer than the first chapter of my novel

And again, I don’t have time for that! They may have great information, but that doesn’t mean anything when it takes thirty minutes to read the post. Conciseness is next to godliness, in my opinion.

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Posted by on 2010/10/11 in Life, Random, Writing


One response to “Top Reasons I Deleted Blogs

  1. K.D. Storm aka Kim Jackson

    2010/10/12 at 06:32

    All very good reasons in my book. Good job and keep up the good work.


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