Playing Catch Up

07 Oct

I’ve been so behind on my blog reading that my Google Reader doesn’t even tell me the exact number of posts anymore. It stops at saying 1000+, which I find funny for some reason. But in truth, I’m currently following 95 blogs, even after unsubscribing from several over the last few days. When you’ve got that many, it really doesn’t take long to get to 1000+. I think that’s part of why I stopped reading them for so long. Every day, there were just so many and I didn’t have any sort of system to them.

Now I’m slowly working to sort them into folders. Daily, which almost always offer excellent and informative posts, generally about either marketing or publishing. So far, I only have five blogs in this category and I’m being really picky since these are the ones I’ll read even when I’m crunched for time. Important, which also offer good information, but not necessarily info that I must know. Most of the agent blogs I follow fell into this category, because while I value query advice, it becomes repetitive after awhile. Next is Good, which are well-written posts, sometimes informative, but sometimes not. Lastly is Friends, these are people that I consider friends and want to follow their blogs just to keep up with what’s happening with them.

And any blogs that don’t fall into those, I’m removing. Once I get myself fully caught up, I’ll update my blog list at the right. So that’s my new system, we’ll see how it works.


Posted by on 2010/10/07 in Life, Random, Writing


3 responses to “Playing Catch Up

  1. K.D. Storm aka Kim Jackson

    2010/10/07 at 19:13

    That is a great idea. I will have to do that too 🙂

  2. rachelhamm

    2010/10/08 at 22:47

    95 Blogs! Holy Crap!

    How do you find the time to sleep? 🙂

    • CB

      2010/10/09 at 09:16

      Exactly! That’s why I stopped reading them. I’m down to 89 now, with the majority of the ones I expect to unsubscribe to in the last group of marketing blogs (I just looked and there are 49 blogs that I’d tagged as marketing blogs. 49!).


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