My Job

26 Aug

I’m in college mode this week. In one of my classes we’re learning how to create a resume. So as an assignment our teacher told us to find a job posting for a job we actually want.

Well, I found it and I want it.

It’s a position as a marketing assistant for a major publishing house. I think I may have drooled on my keyboard a little when I read the job description. Creativity, analysis, promotions, advertising, lots of coffee fetching and copy making. It’s exactly what I expected and what I’m looking for.

I know, I know, not many people would be this excited about a lowly assistants job. But hey, I’ll climb that ladder. Everybody’s got to start somewhere and this job was the perfect starting point. Now if only it were a year later, but alas. I know I’ll find another perfect job out there when I’m ready for it. I’m just excited that my job is really out there. It’s not something I made up in my head. It’s real. Yay!

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Posted by on 2010/08/26 in Life


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