Evil makes me smile

04 Jun

Time for a story ramble. I mentioned in another post that I started writing a vampire story. I didn’t expect it to get much attention, but the characters are holding me captive. They keep talking to me, which gets really embarrassing when I laugh aloud in the middle of class or walking down the sidewalk.

Anyway, it’s being told from the POV of the vampires and I’m trying to make them the evil I think they should be. (Yes, I read and enjoyed Twilight, but sparkly vampires are just not what I want.)

For the most part, the story follows Elsier and Alexandria. Elsier has been dead for four hundred years and he’s so self-serving it’s beautiful. Alexandria was created by Elsier twelve years ago. So she’s young and idealistic with notions of love and such.

I’ve never written evil before and it’s amazing. Pretty much all my other characters have been the good guy, which is why I suck at writing villains. But these are the villains. Even thought they’re the protagonists. Even though everything is going wrong for them. Even though I’m trying to create a connection with them. They’re still bad guys.

Every time I think something is evil, I immediately e-mail it to my husband just to make sure it’s not my usual sissy evil. As sweet as he is, evil comes more naturally to him. Not sure how that works, but I’m glad it does.

So far, I think this is my favorite conversation:

“You really are heartless,” Alexandria said, leaning on the corner of the desk. “You don’t have an emotional bone in your body.”

“And someday you’ll be just like me.”

“No, I’ll never be like you.”

Elsier came from the closet, his hands folded behind his back. He walked forward until he stood right in front of her. Those eyes stared down and a smile creeped across his lips.

“We are the damned, Alexandria. You’ve only been dead for twelve years and in that time, how many have you killed?”

She looked to the floor, ashamed. All the people she’d murdered, some accidents, some not. But every time, the kill came easier. The decision made quicker. With one finger, he lifted her face to see him.

“You are no longer human. How long do you think you can hold onto your humanity? Fifty years? A hundred? Five hundred? We’re all monsters. You’re just a younger one.”

Elsier makes me smile.

I’m also playing to the traditions. They are the damned, meaning they have no soul. Because they don’t have a soul, they also don’t have shadows or reflections. They won’t appear in pictures and can’t enter a church if the ground beneath it has been consecrated. Holy water, stakes, sunlight. Not garlic, that just annoys them because it reeks.


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4 responses to “Evil makes me smile

  1. Kim Jackson

    2010/06/05 at 00:41

    Hmm. This seems like a vamp story I can sink my teeth into (No punt intended-LMAO). I am like you not much into good sweet vamps who’s life goals are to adapt and find redemption. I like them evil, blood soaked, and depressing (I have issues LMAO). I like that conversation and the direction you are heading with it. I do have a question? Are you going to maintain the they have to be invited into a home in order to come in. Just curious is all about that. I look forward to reading the whole thing.

    • Candice Beever

      2010/06/05 at 01:28

      Yep, they will have to be invited in, but only the first time. After that they’re free to come and go as they please.

      Sometimes, I’m okay with the nice vamps, but it’s like watching the Disney version of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Great if you want something cute, but not what I’m after right now. I’ve written a lot of cute, I think I need to write this. They’re not all as evil as Elsier, but they’re certainly not good samaritans.

  2. Koreen

    2010/06/08 at 12:05

    Hey Candice—
    You’ve changed the look of your site again. I like it; it’s darker like your new story 😉 The idea sounds cool. When I was a kid, I always like reading and sympathizing with the “good guys.” But now I find myself more interested in the “bad guys” (I guess further proof that a screw has truly come loose somewhere in my brain). I hope we’ll get a chance to see this on TNBW. Speaking of, I’m back to reviews. Do you still want feedback on Love? Or are you sick of reworking it right now?


    • Candice Beever

      2010/06/08 at 13:04

      We’re writers, we all have a screw loose. I’m taking a break on L&M, since it started to feel like work. But I’m still open to feedback for when I start back up though. I’d like to hear your take on the new ending, if you have time. No worries if you’d rather read something new. Thanks


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