It’s been awhile…

24 May

…since I said I’m sorry.

Actually, it’s been awhile since I said much of anything. I’m hoping to come back soon. I’ve just been kind of listless lately. I talked about not being able to focus in my last real post and that mood has definitely carried. It might still be carrying. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Weird thing is, it’s not writers block. I’ve got plenty of ideas. I just can’t seem to get them down. When I try, I usually end up deleting it. Something about it all feels rather uninspired. And what’s the point of writing if it’s not inspired?

Bleck. What a crummy state to be in.

Oh well, the time hasn’t been a total loss. I worked out some new ideas and I wrote a little more on that vampire story, still not much though. And I’m taking an intersession course at school. (Intersession is the four weeks between spring and summer.) Okay, yeah, other than work that’s pretty much it.

I hate falling into a funk. They’re so hard to get out of.

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Posted by on 2010/05/24 in Life, Random, Writing


One response to “It’s been awhile…

  1. Kim Jackson

    2010/05/24 at 11:30

    I am right there with you. My poetry has gotten published on Triond but outside of that a bad case of the blahs!!!


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