I’m so tired

11 May

My first final was a 7:50. Yes, AM. How gross! And now I’m exhausted and am having trouble focusing. What makes it worse is that I’ve honestly felt like writing all night, but I couldn’t focus on anything long enough to do it. Yuck!

So, I’ve piddled around on a few different things. I’d open one project and when it didn’t strike my fancy I’d try a different one. Good thing I have plenty to choose from. I can’t tell you how long I spent staring at my ‘Unfinished’ project folder, just trying to decide what to open.

Dave and I just started co-writing a story. Not a hundred percent sure where it’s going, but the world we’ve made is pretty cool. I think so, at least. But when I say, “just started,” I really mean it. He wrote the opening paragraphs this afternoon and I noodled with it a little (until my lack of focus got in the way).

And strangely enough, while listening to “The Sharpest Lives” by My Chemical Romance the beginnings of another story popped into my head. I wrote almost 500 words on it, which is probably the most I’ve written on one project all night. I’m a little nervous because it’s actually a vampire story, something I never thought I’d write. But there it is, just popped into my head. Talk about random. I don’t think it’ll get much attention amidst the other projects, some more serious than others, but the idea is definitely there for later.

Fun, fun, fun!


Posted by on 2010/05/11 in Writing


2 responses to “I’m so tired

  1. Kim Jackson

    2010/05/12 at 00:17

    I understand where you are coming from. I have all this time on my hands tonight and a wandering brain. Just of those nights I am guessing. Have a great night and a great day tomorrow 🙂

  2. Lua

    2010/05/13 at 01:13

    Ah- don’t you just love it when inspiration strikes and you truly feel like writing but time is not on your side (as always) and you’re too tired to keep your eyes open?!
    Good luck with your projects, they all sound really ‘fun’ 🙂


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