Survey Sunday

02 May

Posted by on 2010/05/02 in Survey


3 responses to “Survey Sunday

  1. kendrawatkins

    2010/05/02 at 11:15

    Both the cover catches my eye in the store and I hear about a lot of good books from my friends and/or goodreads.

  2. Lua

    2010/05/03 at 03:41

    Hmm, I actually have to say all those above… 🙂
    I read the reviews of my blogger friends and I trust their opinion, with the new releases I do read the advertisement in the paper or the magazines but if I just go to a bookstore and take my time, than I’ll have to say it has to be the cover catching my eye…

  3. Candice Beever

    2010/05/04 at 09:02

    Yeah, I should have made it a check as many as apply survey. My mistake. I’m usually a recommended by a friend or an awesome cover person.


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