The randomness is starting to make me wonder

15 Apr
No. 1

The weirdest thing happened. I’m sitting in my management class, not paying attention. The lecture hall is full of quiet, sleepy students while the teacher drones. Then someone from the back yells, “F***in’ calla lily wine mixer.” We turn to find a guy standing by the back door, not even in our class, with a huge grin spread across his face. Then he hurries out and we sit dumbfounded.

Seriously, huh? I hope he found it funny because no one in the class did.

No. 2

On occasion I go through and delete the spam comments from my blogs. I don’t do it very often since they don’t make it to being posted. Today I noticed that this blog didn’t have any spam comments, while my other blog had fifteen. Why would they target one of my blogs over the other? I don’t get that many views on either blog, so it’s not reader quantity. Is it the content? Since the other one is christian, do they maybe think christians are more gullible? Has that blog just fallen prey to their spam-bots?

No matter, the spam filter works exactly the same regardless of the content or readership or spam-bots.


Posted by on 2010/04/15 in Random


2 responses to “The randomness is starting to make me wonder

  1. Kendra

    2010/04/15 at 09:05

    Maybe there is a glitch in the matrix, lol.

  2. Lua

    2010/04/29 at 06:06

    Who knows how those spams find their way in to our blogs and according to what…
    I got one the other day that said my post was only OK for I did not use many visuals and he says he is a visual learner 🙂


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