A legend in fourteen sentences

10 Apr

That was my assignment for a German essay. It was either write a legend or describe my hometown. Not a hard decision. It’s strange, but I kind of like writing these essays. Of course they’re hard and it takes forever to write even fourteen sentences. But it was an interesting exercise, even for my English writing.

1) I deliberately had to keep the story simple or I wouldn’t be able to translate it with my limited knowledge.

2) In every essay we have to incorporate whatever we’re learning that chapter. This time it was adjectives. So I used way more than I usually do, but it’s fun to see in which parts the adjectives worked and which sounded cheesy.

Anyway, I thought it turned out neat, so here’s the English version.

The First Centaur Hangs the Moon

Centuries ago, the sun lit the earth by day, but the night was pure black. No moon hung in the sky and people lived those dark hours in fear. Then one morning, a young man hunted in the forest and heard the plans of terrible men.

“We will attack their weak village tonight when no one can see us come,” a heavy voice said. Their evil laughter rang through the trees.

Our brave hero told the wise elders of his village and they created a new plan. Their strongest warrior would divide the sun and give light to the night.

“I will face the brilliant sun without fear,” said our hero.

He rode west on a fast stallion and his fair betrothed followed on her mare. The horses jumped from the world and through the air.

The strong heat of the sun burned his bare face and he reached into it. He threw the moon across the sky and saw his betrothed. The great heat had joined them with the horses, but that didn’t matter. They were together and the village was safe through the night.

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One response to “A legend in fourteen sentences

  1. K.D. Storm

    2010/04/10 at 16:41

    That’s pretty cool. You did an outstanding job. I think you made the right choice in assignmennts.


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