The weirdest thing just happened.

04 Apr

So, I’m in Wal-Mart, standing in front of the plethora of ice cream. I decide on chocolate and vanilla bean and grab my quart of yumminess. Then the guy who’s been staring at the rack beside me says, “Thank you for showing me the way,” and grabs the same kind.

How weird is that?


Posted by on 2010/04/04 in Random


2 responses to “The weirdest thing just happened.

  1. kendrawatkins

    2010/04/04 at 21:52

    lol. Apparently he appreciated you helping him in his indecisiveness. lol.

  2. K.D. Storm

    2010/04/04 at 22:31

    He might have been flirting or he is so use to others making choices for him and the person who usually does that wasn’t there. A Wal-Mart stalker or like me sometimes there are just so many choices in the ice cream department that he saw what choice you made and figured “Hmmm! That looks good.” he is just nicer than me. I wouldn’t have said that. People already think I am weird enough 🙂 It is a bit odd.


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