Back in the Game

01 Apr

I’m like a ball. Once I get rolling, it’s downhill. What’s that physics law, “An object in motion stays in motion,” or something like that.

Last night, I did the last lingering assignment for my online class. (One more test and I’m free! Woot!) That’s what started the motion. Then today I did some much needed reviewing. I’m in a group and I’m so far behind. Although, I’m pretty sure everyone else is too. And I’ve been writing. I’m doing heavy edits on Sisters of Cloth (last year’s Nano) and I just started something completely new.

I love writing new stories. There’s something amazing about that first draft, especially since I refuse to edit until they’re done. So everyday is nothing but progress. And since I don’t outline until after, it’s so much fun to see where the story runs off to. The flow always carries me to far better places than I could create.

I love learning about the characters and making up the world. This story is by far the strongest world I’ve ever created. Most of the time, my poor characters are wandering around white rooms, but this one feels rich. I’ll probably take out some of it, but right now, I’m very excited.


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2 responses to “Back in the Game

  1. K.D. Storm

    2010/04/01 at 22:50

    That’s outstanding! I have been having a problem with my novel from NaNoMo and haven’t let anyone read it because it was a bit racy. I even blush at some parts of it but it is an example of showing me that I can do it if I set my mind to it. It has opened a bunch of floodgates for the short stories I have been writing. Even if I don’t share many of them. So it wasn’t a total lost.

    So keep at it girl. I know you can do it. 🙂

    • Candice Beever

      2010/04/01 at 23:17

      Oh, that’s so fun! One reason I love Nano because is because there is no wrong. As long as you write, you win. It doesn’t matter how bad or racy or anything.

      I haven’t let anyone read mine yet either. Like I said above, I don’t outline, so the story ran-away and there was stuff at the end that was totally wrong for what happened at the beginning. And a bunch of stuff I mentioned but then never went back to again. It’s a mess! But I love it.


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