Stretch Goals

06 Mar

I was reading in my management book about something called stretch goals. These are extremely ambitious goals that a person doesn’t know how to reach. I know, that seems counter-productive at first glance, but the point the book made was that by setting goals we don’t know how to reach, we are forced to create new methods to get there. We’re forced to innovate. Pretty neat, huh?

So I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of what a good stretch goal for me would be. At first I thought about something with my story. But in truth, I know how to reach those goals. I know the steps I need to take and I’m slowly working my way there. So that’s not stretching.

Then I thought about my web presence, which is minuscule. I think I’m going to make my stretch goal to have an average of 500 views a day on my blog. Right now I get a handful most days. More when I do something like Koreen’s interview.

In truth, this isn’t really about the number of blog views I get. I honestly couldn’t care less. It’s really about learning how to market myself, finding which methods are effective, ditching the ones that aren’t. It’s about creating some new ideas. So it’s something that’s ambitious and the progress is easily tracked. Which will hopefully help me figure out which methods are working and which aren’t. Research, here I come.

Happy Stretching!


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3 responses to “Stretch Goals

  1. K.D. Storm

    2010/03/06 at 10:28

    When you find out let me know. I am wanting to get better at marketing myself in order to build up a readership myself. I am using it as a dry run for when I publish my first book (Wanting to be the proactive type with that). If I notice anything I try that might help I will let you know as well. I have joined and BlogCatalog. Not sure how well they are working yet but those are two areas you might wanna try 🙂 Good Lucky! I am rooting for you 🙂

  2. Joy

    2010/03/06 at 15:45

    Alain’s blog A real Writer talks about this too — setting goals and achieving them. Great food for thought and action. The time to move is now before hitting the big times. Not sure if you’re on twitter, but that’s another way to advertise your blog.

  3. Stevie

    2010/03/06 at 18:21

    I’ve actually never heard of that, but I think I might try to do that! Good luck! And please share some of the things you learn!

    One thing that I’ve discovered that helps get a lot more views is commenting on other people’s blogs, letting people know you own a blog in your signature or profile on any forums you’re apart of. This can be a lot of work though, because you have to be genuinely interested in the groups you join and post you respond to. Otherwise you sound like you’re just commenting/participating to promote your blog.

    Keep blogging!
    – Stevie


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