Kickball baby, yeah.

02 Mar

My husband and I joined the Southern Illinois Kickball League with the team from his work. Super fun!

We played two games on Saturday and we actually won one of them. Last weekend we lost both games. One of which we lost to Your Mom. Seriously, that was their team name. (I’m also a fan of Multiple Scorgasims and Balls in Your Face)

Some photos of this weekend.Our awesome team. I’m on the ground in the hoodie and Dave is second from the left in the back row.

That’s my awesome ballet kick.

Yeah, we’re dorks.

It wouldn’t be a game without cheerleaders. Our team is called the Kickballaz. Not as cool as Your Mom, we know.

Check out those shoes. We’re not above blinding the other team to get an advantage.

All in all, we really had a ton of fun and it was good exercise. I think we were all a little sore the day after. That’s what we get for not stretching. And we’re going to practice before the next game…Really.


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3 responses to “Kickball baby, yeah.

  1. Corra McFeydon

    2010/03/03 at 01:57

    Sounds fun! 🙂


    from the desk of a writer

  2. K.D. Storm

    2010/03/03 at 07:24

    They have one of those around here. I had thought about joining one just for the exercise and fellowship of other people but had changed my mind (I can’t remember why). I am rethinking it after seeing this. Thanks 🙂

    • Candice Beever

      2010/03/03 at 14:12

      Yeah, it was a great day out in the sun. It’s fun to get out and run around and taunt each other like we’re kids again.


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