15 Feb

Rolled our car on the way home from my parents this morning. Funnily enough, we had stopped at a hotel last night because it was snowing so bad and we didn’t want to wreck. Worked well for us, that did.

No worries though, we both safe. The car however is not. It flipped a 180, landing on its roof. The insurance considered it totaled since the frame is bent.


Posted by on 2010/02/15 in Random


4 responses to “Rolling

  1. Koreen

    2010/02/16 at 14:08

    OMG! I’m glad you are okay. That is crazy.

  2. J.L. Campbell

    2010/02/16 at 14:50

    I’m happy to know you’re both okay. Thank goodness the car took the brunt of everything.

  3. Corra McFeydon

    2010/02/16 at 15:40

    My goodness!! So glad you escaped unharmed.


    from the desk of a writer

  4. Candice Beever

    2010/02/17 at 17:24

    Thanks everybody. I really appreciate the concern. It was a crazy day.


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