The Second Question

10 Feb

“Oh, you’re a student. What are you going to school for?”

“International Business.”

“What are you going to do with that?”

Sigh. “I have no idea.”

That conversation has long been haunting me. Not only do I hate not having an answer to give people, but I hate not having one for myself. It makes for very uncertain college years, not knowing if you’ll be using your degree when you finish. Questions like, “Am I wasting my time and money?” “What if I don’t find a job?” “Could I do better with practical experience?”

Lots of doubts.

But! Yes, but! I think I’ve finally figured out where I’d like to go. I’ve been doing a ton of research and I want to go into publishing. And I don’t mean I’d like to be published. Yes, that would be fantastic, but I’m interested in publishing as an industry. The business side of things. Ideally, I’d love to work in either marketing or editing.

In truth, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but it just recently became a solid yeah-I-could-do-that idea. So I’m in the process of switching my major over to marketing, which I’m really excited about. Partly because it’s more specific to what I’d like to do and partly because it’ll cut about a year off of school. Hazah!

Only downside. Now I have to tell my family that I changed majors again. At least I did all my homework this time though.


Posted by on 2010/02/10 in Life, School


2 responses to “The Second Question

  1. K.D. Storm

    2010/02/10 at 19:55

    That’s what college is all about. Trying to figure out what it is that you enjoy doing is what it’s all about. I took Marketing Management and I really enjoyed the course. I regret that I didn’t finish it. I think you will do an awesoome job and I am sure your family will be supportive once they realize how in line it is with your passion of writing. Good luck! 🙂

    • Candice Beever

      2010/02/12 at 23:36

      Yeah, I told my mom yesterday and she was really supportive. I think she was just glad that I knew what I wanted to do after college. Thanks for the well wishes.


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