This world is a beautiful place

09 Feb

So, I’m walking the million miles between buildings on campus this morning. It’s cold and I’m hungry and a little cranky because it’s my early class day. Then I look up and realize it’s snowing. Not only is it snowing, but the sun is shining. The light catches on each flake, glowing through and reflecting around. And as I watch the flakes swirling to the ground, suddenly the air wasn’t cold, but crisp. Take a few deep breaths and absorb those beautiful moments.

Happy Tuesday!


Posted by on 2010/02/09 in Life, Random


3 responses to “This world is a beautiful place

  1. Corra McFeydon

    2010/02/09 at 15:29

    And it is beautiful! Great fat flakes on a blue glow. Lovely world today, muffled from sound. I love winter. (When I’m indoors!)



    from the desk of a writer

    • Candice Beever

      2010/02/09 at 18:15

      I’m generally the person cursing the snow. But that perfect moment struck me as pretty, so I can appreciate it a little more. You’re right. Winter is perfect when you’re inside with nowhere to be and a cup of hot chocolate. That’s the life.

  2. K.D. Storm

    2010/02/10 at 19:44

    That’s beautiful. I have to sometimes slow down and remind myself of that as well from time to time 🙂 Have a great night!


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