26 Jan

So, I’ve mentioned that I’m taking a marketing class. On the first day, the teacher explained why marketing is important and why everyone should have to take a marketing class even if that’s not their major. The answer is really quite simple and it’s one I’ve heard before, but occasionally realize how true it is. Everyone has to market themselves. Even if you don’t plan to sell products or hold press conferences, you still have to do job interviews and most likely meet with clients or customers to perform that job. On some level, you have to sell yourself. (Sorry writers, the days of being hermits are over.)

Then over the weekend, I was talking about the concept of marketing oneself with my husband and he mentioned that a large part of selling yourself is presence. It’s walking into a room confident. That got me thinking about my sister, who is probably one of the best self-marketers I know.

She is completely confident in who she is. She never backs down when it comes to getting what she wants. She’ll talk to anyone, telling them how what she’s offering is beneficial for them. (She even does that during certain card games we play.) And she’s never afraid to say what needs to be said. She’s always been outgoing and had lots of friends. She landed her first job, on her first day of looking and at the first place she tried, because the hiring manager liked that she smiled when she shook his hand. She just has one of those personalities that people gravitate towards. That’s my sister, my self-marketing role-model.

Happy Self-Marketing!

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