Last Christmas

25 Jan

This weekend marked our last Christmas of the year. *sighs with relief* We were supposed to celebrate this two weeks ago, but a modicum of snow and overly-cautious grandparents pushed it back. In any case, we finally made it up to spend the weekend at my husband’s grandparents. His parents also went up, bringing Dave’s brother Matt and Matt’s wife and daughter. My three-year-old niece gave us both interesting and adorable moments in turn. One of my favorite moments was when her mother chastised her at lunch. So, my niece grabbed her crayon, scribbled on her coloring paper, then held it up to her mother and said, “I jus’ drew a dirty word.” And then the adorable when she looked up from playing later in the afternoon and said, “Can’ice, I jus’ love you.” Yeah, my heart melted.

One thing I find continually amusing is that she calls me Can’ice, never aunt, even though she calls my husband Unka Dave. Dave’s parents continually try to correct her, despite my many attempts to tell them I don’t mind. Honestly, I secretly like it. Perhaps because it’s too adorable to hear her skip the d. I know, soon she’ll grow up and pronounce my name correctly, but I’m pretty sure I’ll like it then too. I think it’s the lack of formality. Aunt Candice to me is the equivalent of being called Madam to most women.

I didn’t spend the entire weekend playing with my niece. We spent most of the time with his grandparents, playing cards and dominoes, just generally hanging out. His grandparents are pretty cool. Although they always try to overfeed me. They seem to have this idea that I’m too skinny. Every time we go, they make at least two different desserts and expect us to finish them before we leave the next day. They’re also the kind of old people I hope Dave and I turn into. They’re active mentally and physically and they’re just incredibly content. They have what they need and all they want are simple things.

So, Merry Late Christmas. May you have what you need and desire simple things.

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