Shiny New Toys

23 Jan

Yay! My new Macbook came yesterday. I’ve been learning the system ever since. Right now, it’s a little frustrating, but I can tell I’ll really like it once I know how everything works. I grew up on Pcs, so I’m kind of missing my delete, page up, page down, home, and end keys right now. I can do all those same functions on a mac, but through a combination of keys. I know, it’ll just take some getting used to. Best features of all, I didn’t have to delete any trial software and I’ve only had to confirm my actions twice. Hazah! And the closest thing I had to do for set-up was confirm that my language was English and set the time zone. Other than that, it was ready to go. And I’m completely smittten with iPhoto. It can recognize faces. Not perfectly, but dang, it does well.

Second, new thing is I bought a copy of Scrivener. I think I’m going to love it to. The only thing I find a little comical is that files can be imported and the only file extension that you can’t import is pages. This program is only available for macs but it can’t import files from Pages (their version of MS Word). Still it has a lot of really neat features. I’ve already fallen in love with the corkboard that will let you view the outline as index cards. And the research binder, fantastic. I no longer have to hunt through folder after folder trying to remember where I put that picture of their house or something like that.

So, all of my shiny new excitement told, I’m going back to figure out what I’m doing and maybe get a little writing done.

Happy Weekend!


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2 responses to “Shiny New Toys

  1. Koreen

    2010/01/23 at 20:34

    Bravo–I commend you for taking on a new computer platform. Macs, eek! Once upon a time that was all I knew. Now, they seem like an alien planet. It drives me crazy that I can’t right click. I will be old and gray and yelling at my grandkids about being able to right click.

    • Candice Beever

      2010/01/25 at 08:38

      Actually, I can set-up the trackpad to do right clicking. I just haven’t because it doesn’t bother me that much. I miss the navigation keys more. One button and I was at the end of the page. How simple was that!


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