Building a Web Presence

03 Jan

I’ve been told I need to build a web presence and I don’t disagree. But sometimes I wonder if I really need to be on everything. I’m currently on facebook, myspace, and goodreads. I have both a google and a yahoo profile. I’m in a critique group called The Next Big Writer and I have this blog, which is hopefully building a little bit of a following. Not the biggest web presence ever, but it’s a start. Do I really need a twitter account too?

From what I’ve heard people either love twitter or they hate it. I gotta say, I wasn’t feeling it. I tried tweeting for a little bit and I just don’t understand why it’s so grand. I’ll be totally honest with myself. I’m not the kind of person that’s going to twitter every minute of the day from my phone. I generally update all of my accounts once a day and then I move on. Once a day using isn’t exactly what twitter was designed for. I can update my status on facebook and accomplish the same goal.

Any thoughts?


Posted by on 2010/01/03 in Marketing


2 responses to “Building a Web Presence

  1. Koreen

    2010/01/12 at 20:46

    I just read a post Nathan Bransford posted on his blog today and it made me think of you. You might check it out…

    • Candice Beever

      2010/01/12 at 20:54

      Score! That makes me feel better about refusing to Twitter and his point is totally valid. We can’t do everything. Thanks for the link.


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