Viva la Revolution! Oh, Sorry. Resolution.

01 Jan

Happy New Year!

I think, of all the holidays, New Year’s just might be my favorite. Christmas is fun, but with that fun is a ton of stress. All the shopping and wrapping and fighting old ladies for the last toy at Wal-Mart and praying mom’s gift arrives in time. Bleck. But New Year’s…haha. New Year’s day requires nothing more of me than sleeping in and saying the words, “Happy New Year!” to everyone I see.

Plus, I love the idea of it. The prospect that everything is new and shiny just because the calendar has rolled over. It’s a chance to start fresh. Forget the mistakes of the past year. I have 365 days to make my dreams come true. This is the year I’m going to finish my manuscript. This is the year I’m going to get an agent. This is the year I’m going to do my homework. Breathe in the new air full of hope and sigh it out with contentment.

This is the year.

This is my year.

Happy New Year!


Posted by on 2010/01/01 in Life, Random


4 responses to “Viva la Revolution! Oh, Sorry. Resolution.

  1. Corra McFeydon

    2010/01/01 at 20:08

    There’s a power talk! I like your spirit. 🙂

    • Candice Beever

      2010/01/02 at 00:20

      Yeah, spunk I have in plenty. Thanks for the read.

  2. Koreen

    2010/01/01 at 21:24

    I agree. New Year’s definitely beats out Christmas, and I’m hoping that 2010 starts out better than 2009 ended. Keep positive like Candice 🙂 This will be the year.

    • Candice Beever

      2010/01/02 at 00:19

      Yeah, the end of your year sounded pretty rough. *Raising my glass to you* Here’s to a new year.


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