Why am I skinny?

23 Dec

Anyone who has seen me has asked at least once why I’m so skinny. Normally, I just shrug and mumble something about a fast metabolism. I know they’re looking for my secret, but the truth is I don’t have one. My job is unbelievably static. I sit at a desk and answer the phone. The only times I move from my rolling chair are to go to the bathroom and the cafeteria. I do get a modicum of exercise walking the four blocks to work and the three blocks to campus (But these are small town blocks, not really enough to call good exercise).

Tonight however, I think I’ve figured out the real reason. It happened like this. I was in the middle of writing something when I realized I was hungry. So I heated up some lasagna and sat back at the keyboard. Two hours later, I realized that over half of the lasagna was still sitting there. Stone cold and forgotten. It clearly wasn’t missed, since I no longer felt hungry and I threw it away.

That started me thinking. How many mornings have I woken with an idea and skipped breakfast to get it down? How many lunches have I eaten a measly peanut butter sandwich because I couldn’t waste those precious moments to cook something? And how many half dinners have sat forgotten?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means starving. I’m definitely not anorexic. I’m a perfectly healthy 130 lbs to my 5’7″ body. I eat when I’m hungry, but I think the forgetfulness keeps me from over-eating.

Mystery solved. Exercise creativity instead of glutes.


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2 responses to “Why am I skinny?

  1. Corra McFeydon

    2009/12/28 at 16:10

    I weigh 81 pounds. Yeah…

    Forgetting to eat is exactly my problem. Now I log my every bite so I can go back and see how little I eat. You might try it. It’s eye-opening. 🙂


    • Candice Beever

      2009/12/28 at 17:17

      Wow, 81 pounds! How tall are you?

      Yeah, my food log would probably read something like this:

      Breakfast: Six raisins. Must write while inspired.
      Lunch: Half a grapefruit. Still inspired, no time to cook.
      Dinner: Made Ramen, but forgot about it when my MC nearly died.
      2am snack: Three frozen pizzas and a small bear. Insiration ended, stomach takes over.

      Thanks for the read.


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