Tricking myself into writing a query

18 Dec

I’ve discovered the secret. I have been putting off writing my query letter for months now but I knew I couldn’t ignore it much longer. So what finally inspired me to write it? Procrastination. Something I wanted to do even less popped up and suddenly the query didn’t seem so bad.

My German final was this morning and I’m generally of the mindset that if I don’t already know it, I’m not going to learn it overnight. Still, I knew I should at least look at some of the stuff. So naturally, I avoided it like the plague and worked on my query instead. It’s amazing the things I’ll do to get out of studying. I have a personal rule that I’m not supposed to work on my stories until my school stuff is done. But technically, I wasn’t working on a story. So I didn’t break my rule and really, with the final over and the letter written, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. That’s two huge nerve wracking tasks over with. Yay!

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Posted by on 2009/12/18 in Random, Writing


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