16 Dec

So, I was reading Rachel Hamm’s blog yesterday and she said something that got me thinking. She mentioned that her book would never be perfect because she’s not perfect. That’s totally true. I think a lot of writer’s have fallen prey to this idea that their books will be everything they ever dreamed of. But the truth is, those tiny little books, made of nothing more than paper and ink, can never live up to our expectations. We keep telling ourselves, one more edit and then I’ll start submitting (I’ve been using that excuse myself for months). But then we finish the edit and you know what? There’s something we forgot to add or fix or who knows what else we can think of. Anything to delay the inevitable of sending our children out into the world. Or maybe that’s all just me.

Okay, I get the hint! I’m going to go write my query letter now. And yes, you just witnessed me having a mental fight with myself.

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Posted by on 2009/12/16 in Writing


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