You wanted to know more about me, right?

09 Dec

I couldn’t think of anything to write today, so i’m just going to give some random stuff about me.

1. Almost every one of our pans is warped because I wander off while I’m boiling water. (I just did that again while making my lunch of Ramen.)

2. I hate wearing loud or unusual clothes because I don’t want to draw attention to myself.

3. My favorite drink is actually water, without Crystal light or anything. Plain water.

4. I only own four pairs of shoes, but thirteen jackets. (And a ton of hats.)

5. I do judge books by their covers. (The pretty ones catch my eye and stand a better chance of the back cover getting read.)

6. I’m a total wimp about horror movies.

7. I frequently read the serving/nutrition information on the back of foods knowing I’m going to eat it anyway.

8. I get giggly when I drink wine.

9. My sister has to remind me about my parents’ birthdays every year. (Sad, I know.)

10. I just lost the game.

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