Wizards and Witches

07 Dec

I noticed last night while I was writing the synopsis for Wander that I appear to like writing stories about magic. I have one story about witches, two about wizards, and actually a few more that haven’t graduated up into WIP yet. Personally, I like witches more than wizards. I can’t say why, I just like the idea of witches better and I really think they get a bad rap. When I mention the word witch, what’s the mental image you get? Most likely, a hunchbacked hag stooping over a boiling cauldron with a wart on her nose. That’s even the image I get and I just find that sad. I think witches could be so much cooler. They can defy the stereotypes too and that was one thing I really tried to do with Sisters. I hope it works.

As a note, I found out recently that male witches are not wizards. They’re called witches too. I thought that was neat.


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4 responses to “Wizards and Witches

  1. Koreen

    2009/12/08 at 20:02

    What about Hermione? I thought she was pretty cool, and she doesn’t have warts. But you’re right, witches have gotten dumped on over the centuries. I can’t wait to read your story 🙂

    • Candice Beever

      2009/12/08 at 20:57

      Wow, someone read my blog! I’m so excited.

      Hermione was pretty cool, but the bushy hair and pointed hat didn’t help her case. Hopefully, I’ll get that story finished soon and I’m sure I’ll put it up on TNBW when I do. I can’t wait to read Blurred Descent. Wasn’t that your Nano? How on earth did you get it ready so quickly? Mine’s still a mess.

  2. Koreen

    2009/12/12 at 07:47

    Yeah, she did have crazy hair, but I think that’s why I liked her.

    Don’t get you hopes up too high with Descent. Because it was my nano project it is still a mess, but I’ve been plotting the story for about 5 years. With you guys reading it, I have some deadlines to get it polished up. Deadlines always help me.

    • Candice Beever

      2009/12/12 at 11:57

      I’m sure Descent will be awesome, even if it’s rough. I actually like deadlines because they force me to get stuff done. And I’m kind of hoping, if we do the smaller groups thing, that you won’t be in my first group, so I can finish Horizons before I read the sequel. Yay, a deadline.


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