Learning English through German

06 Dec

As you might guess, I was not the most studious child when it came to high school, especially when it came to English. I hated that class with a passion. “Why do I need to learn English, when I already speak it?” was the question ever on my lips. But now that I’m learning a foreign language, I really wish I had paid more attention. It seems like every day, my teacher explains some new grammatical priniciple and the moment class ends, I run for google to figure out what it means in regards to English. For example, I just recently had to learn the difference between direct and indirect objects. In English, I naturally put things in the correct tense without thinking about it. Not so with German. I very much have to think about it, and I very much need to know the difference between the objects. So, my point? If you want to learn better English grammer, go sign up for something else. You’ll accomplish two things for one, gaining broader horizons along the way.

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Posted by on 2009/12/06 in Life, Random, Writing


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